About Hair Saloon

The first thing you will realize about Hair Saloon’s menu of services is that we are affordable… whether you carry a briefcase or a lunch bucket.

If you want a great haircut with outstanding customer service and value, then Hair Saloon is your place. We offer both appointments and walk-in service respecting the need for on-time, convenient scheduling.

Included with every men’s haircut service is a relaxing shampoo without leaving the comfort of your authentic barber chair. There’s no need to endure the walk of shame to a backroom shampoo station. Keeping client notes on each customer’s haircut preference enables us to remind customers of the details and to conduct an efficient consultation prior to the cut.

The Premium Service, which includes a therapeutic scalp massage, is one of our most popular services. It is a challenge to get back to reality after experiencing the cool menthol sensation and relaxing finger-tip massage gently taking you to another place and time.

When people ask, we listen. Over the years, we’ve updated our services by adding the Neck Shave, Face Shave, Head Shave, Stress Relief Service, and Executive Service to our menu at the request of franchisees and customers.

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